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Find key facts and figures about working as a tool and die maker. The following information is applicable to all Tool and die makers (NOC 7232).


Tool and die makers make, repair and modify custom-made, prototype or special tools, dies, jigs, fixtures and gauges using various metals, alloys and plastics which require precise dimensions. They are employed primarily in manufacturing industries such as automobile, aircraft, metal fabrication, electrical machinery and plastics, and in tool and die, mould making and machine shops. This unit group also includes metal patternmakers and metal mould makers.


  • Compute dimensions and tolerances and set up machine tools
  • Verify machined parts for conformance to specifications using precision measuring instruments
  • Machine, fit and assemble castings and other parts to make metal moulds, cores boxes and precision models of required shape
  • Inspect and test final products
  • Set up and operate electrical discharge machines (EDM)



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