Summary Restaurant Purchasing Agent near Saint-Jérôme (QC)

Find key facts and figures about working as a restaurant purchasing agent. The following information is applicable to all Purchasing agents and officers (NOC 1225).


Purchasing agents and officers purchase general and specialized equipment, materials, land or access rights and business services for use or for further processing by their establishment. They are employed throughout the public and private sectors.


  • Purchase general and specialized equipment, materials or business services
  • Assess requirements of establishment
  • Develop specifications for equipment, materials and supplies to be purchased
  • Invite tenders
  • Consult with suppliers



Median wage in Laurentides Region

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The job outlook is good in Laurentides Region

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College or apprenticeship

College education or apprenticeship training usually required

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advertised near Saint-Jérôme (QC)

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