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Find key facts and figures about working as a financial accountant. The following information is applicable to all Financial auditors and accountants (NOC 1111).


Financial auditors examine and analyze the accounting and financial records of individuals and establishments to ensure accuracy and compliance with established accounting standards and procedures. Accountants plan, organize and administer accounting systems for individuals and establishments. They are employed by private sector accounting and auditing firms or departments and public sector accounting and auditing departments or units, or they may be self-employed. Articling students in accounting firms are included in this unit group.


  • Ensure accuracy and compliance to accounting standards, procedures and internal control
  • Prepare reports and audit findings
  • Recommend improvements to accounting systems and management practices
  • Conduct field audits of businesses to ensure compliance with provisions of the Income Tax Act, the Canadian Business Corporations Act or other statutory requirements
  • Examine accounting records



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