Skills Industrial Relations Economist near Toronto (ON)

Find out what skills you typically need to work as an industrial relations economist in Canada. These skills are applicable to all Economists and economic policy researchers and analysts (NOC 4162).


People working in this occupation usually apply the following skill set.

  • Conduct research
  • Develop models to analyze, explain and forecast economic behaviour and patterns
  • Devise methods for collection and analysis of data
  • Forecast production and consumption of products
  • Forecast income and expenditure, interest rates and exchange rates
  • Analyze factors which determine economic growth
  • Advise government agencies on policies to increase economic activities
  • Study mathematical formulas and statistical techniques
  • Apply statistical techniques to the testing and quantifying of economic theories and the solution of economic problems
  • Analyze factors which determine labour market outcomes
  • Study the nature of money, credit and credit instruments and the operation of banks and other financial institutions
  • Assess the appropriateness of the current stance of monetary and fiscal policy
  • Develop monetary policies and forecasts of financial activity
  • Examine problems related to the economic activity of individual companies
  • Assess business opportunities and develop strategies
  • Examine financing methods, production costs and techniques and marketing policies to recommend improvements
  • Examine statistical data on the exchange of goods and services among nations
  • Forecast production and consumption of renewable resources
  • Forecast supply, consumption and depletion of non-renewable resources
  • Conduct research on market conditions in local, regional or national areas
  • Prepare research papers, educational texts or articles
  • Provide consulting services to government and other organizations
  • Study regulatory processes and provide material in support of legal proceedings
  • Forecast production and consumption of specific products and services
  • Deliver presentations at conferences, workshops or symposia

Skills and knowledge

The following skills and knowledge are usually required in this occupation.

Labour Market Information Survey
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