Job description Electrical Mechanic in Canada

Find out what work is like for an electrical mechanic in Canada. This work description is applicable to all Electrical mechanics (NOC 72422).

Electrical mechanics


Electrical mechanics maintain, test, rebuild and repair electric motors, transformers, switchgear and other electrical apparatus. They are employed by independent electrical repair shops, service shops of electrical equipment manufacturers and maintenance departments of manufacturing companies. Apprentices are also included in this unit group.

Work week duration

Electrical mechanics usually work between 35 to 40 hours per week.
Between 35 to 40 hours

Job duties

Here are some of the main activities and tasks that Electrical mechanics have to perform, and some of the physical demands they involve:

  • Test and observe electrical, electronic and mechanical components and systems using testing and measuring instruments
  • Troubleshoot and repair electric motors, transformers, switchgear, generators and other electro-mechanical equipment
  • Replace or recondition shafts, bearings, commutators and other components
  • Wind, assemble and install various types of coils for electric motors or transformers
  • Perform static or dynamic balancing of armatures or rotors by welding, brazing or soldering electrical connections and by aligning and adjusting parts
  • Test and repair or replace faulty wiring or components in electrical switchgear
  • Test repaired motors, transformers, switchgear or other electrical apparatus to ensure proper performance
  • Perform some machining to recondition or modify shafts, commutators or other parts
  • Perform on-site servicing and repair.

Physical demands Help - Physical Demands

  • Handling material manually
  • Standing
  • Making repetitive motions
  • Bending or twisting the body
  • Walking and running

Workplaces and employers

Here are the typical workplaces where Electrical mechanics are employed and some of their main characteristics:

  • Maintenance departments of manufacturing companies
  • Service shops of electrical equipment manufacturers
  • Electrical repair shops

Work environment Help - Physical Work Environment

  • Standard safety equipment
  • Dangerous chemical substances
  • Hazardous conditions
  • Hazardous equipment, machinery, tools
  • Indoors, not environmentally controlled
  • Sound and noise
  • Skin injury
  • Indoors, environmentally controlled
  • Extreme temperatures
  • In an enclosed vehicle or equipment

Physical proximity from others Help - Physical proximity from others

  • Somewhat close (e.g. share office)

Related job titles

Here are some other related job titles that are found in the same occupational category (NOC 72422), and a list of similar occupations:

  • armature winder repairer
  • coil winder and repairer
  • electric motor systems technician
  • electrical mechanic
  • electrical mechanic apprentice
  • electrical rewind mechanic
  • electrical transformer repairer
  • industrial motor winder-repairer
  • power transformer repairer
  • transformer repairer

Similar occupations Help - Similar occupations

Sources Occupational and Skills Information System & National Occupational Classification

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