Job description Newspaper Distributor - Courier Service near Longueuil (QC)

Find out what work is like for a newspaper distributor - courier service in Canada. This work description is applicable to all Couriers, messengers and door-to-door distributors (NOC 1513).

Couriers, messengers and door-to-door distributors


Couriers, messengers and door-to-door distributors pick up and deliver letters, parcels, packages, newspapers, flyers and other items within and between establishments. They are employed by courier service companies and other establishments throughout the private and public sectors.

Job duties

  • This group performs some or all of the following duties:
  • Pick up messages, letters, envelopes, parcels, airline tickets, legal documents, packages, bonds, cheques, securities and other items from customers, and hand-deliver them to addresses within an establishment or in other establishments by walking or cycling within prescribed time periods
  • Collect payment for items delivered
  • Keep record of items received and delivered using delivery information acquisition devices
  • Deliver newspapers, flyers, handbills, telephone directories and similar items to residences and businesses.

Job titles

  • bank messenger
  • courier
  • delivery person - courier service
  • newspaper carrier
  • door-to-door distributor
  • flyer distributor - courier service
  • runner - courier service

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